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Founder and CEO of

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Brave Enough To Fail

Motivational Keynote Speaker, Change & Leadership Expert

Be The Boss of Your Dream

Wayne Winsley is an inspiring Motivational Keynote Speaker. Authentic. Engaging. Riveting. Laugh-out-loud funny. Wayne's mission is to help you reach your goals and achieve your destiny. 
Take your life, your business, your team to the next level.
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Take the Shot at Achieving Your Dreams

Wayne teaches audiences how to develop the courage to risk failure in pursuit of what they really want from life.

In 1989 Wayne literally walked into a radio station, unannounced, with nothing but a demo-tape and smile. He walked out with his dream job as a Radio DJ.


                        Your Circumstances

             Do Not Determine Your Destiny

Wayne shows audiences how to build the resilience and  persistence required to overcome adversity, setbacks, and circumstances

In September of 1996 Wayne found himself flat broke & homeless. He rebooted his life and within 16 months built his own syndicated radio network and talk show.


"One of the most motivational talks we've heard in a long time. Managers, leaders, and interns all benefited greatly from Wayne's message."

T. Hudson Jordan, Pitney Bowes

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